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Hearing Self-Test

Many people don’t realize they may have hearing loss. Our 5-minute online hearing survey may help you determine if you or someone you know has a hearing problem.

Just ask yourself, how many of the following situations are familiar?

Yes No
I sometimes have problems hearing in large areas like theaters, restaurants, or auditoriums.
I sometimes have to turn the radio or TV up loud to hear it.
People keep mumbling when they talk to me, and I have to ask them to repeat what they said.
I can’t hear little kids or adults with high or soft voices.
I sometimes don’t want to be in groups of people in social, family, or business events because there’s just too much noise and too many people talking at the same time.
People get frustrated with me because I keep asking them to repeat themselves.
My family and friends tell me I should have a hearing test.
When I’m watching TV or a movie, sometimes all of the sounds seem to be lumped together, and the background music covers up what people are saying.
I can hear better when people are facing me.
I don’t know what I’m not hearing, like the wind or birds chirping.
I sometimes wish people would stop asking me if I’ve had my hearing checked.
I sometimes have difficulty hearing people on the phone.
I play and/or listen to amplified musical instruments.
I work or have worked in a loud environment.
I occasionally get irritated because some people just don’t speak up.
When I listen to music through earbuds or headphones, I play it so loud people around me can hear it.
I sometimes can’t hear the doorbell or the phone ring.
It’s sometimes easier for me to talk on the phone using the speakerphone option.
I sometimes hear clicks, pops, whooshing sounds or a ringing in my ears.
I sometimes get confused about where sounds are coming from.
I occasionally misunderstand what someone else is saying and make an inappropriate response.
I sometimes have a hard time taking part in business meetings because I can’t hear what’s going on.

To be answered by a family member or friend:
Do you think this person has a hearing loss?