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MOSA Audiology Services and Hearing Aid Centers

Hearing Aid Adjustment Services

If you decide to use a hearing aid, we’ll make sure it fits comfortably, with either a basic or molded earpiece. We want to make sure that any equipment or device we provide is as comfortable and as effective as possible.

Continuing Hearing Aid Services…

We’re pleased to provide ongoing tuning and adjustments for all hearing aids and related equipment provided by M.O.S.A. Audiology.

Our premium digital hearing aids can be tuned in our office to make the best use of your existing hearing. You may find that several adjustments are needed as you get used to your new hearing aids.
We’re always available to help you get used to any new hearing assistive equipment you have, make any needed adjustments, and make sure you’re satisfied with the results.

Cleaning Your Hearing Aid is Important…

As with all technology, keeping your hearing assistive equipment clean is essential. We provide cleaning and servicing for all equipment provided by our practice. We also provide instructions to help you clean your hearing aids at home.