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Hearing Aid Products & Wireless Technology

It’s easier than ever to connect your hearing aids with wireless accessories to:

  • Take phone calls
  • Watch TV
  • Listen to music
  • Use a tablet or computer

at a volume you select. You can also control them via a smartphone.

Thanks to advances in wireless communication like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, we offer a variety of products that can enhance and improve listening and overall communication.

These advances include:

Wireless Transmitters to Enable Direct Voice-to-Hearing-Aid Communication

Some models of hearing aids enable one person wearing a small microphone to talk directly into the hearing aids of another person.

Wireless Transmitters to Send TV or Music Sound Directly into Hearing Aids or Headphones

Some models of hearing aids enable the sound from outside sources, like a television set or music playback device, to be piped directly into the hearing aid. In addition, hearing aids that have been programed to receive Telecoil signals can receive sound transmitted via a Hearing Loop system in many theaters, houses of worship, and arenas.

Wireless technology for Hearing Aids