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Hearing Products / Protective Products

Noise ProtectionIn today’s society with an increasing number of sound sources often at louder volumes, it’s a smart idea to protect your hearing as soon as possible and as much as possible.
If you work in a loud environment, like a

  • Factory
  • Machine shop
  • Construction site
  • Recording studio

superior quality hearing protection is essential. Unfortunately, if identified too late, hearing loss can be permanent.
Only custom-fitted earmolds and earplugs can provide the maximum protection needed.

Custom Ear Molds

noise - hearing protectionMany individuals work in loud environments, ranging from manufacturing plants to recording studios, and need to protect their hearing to prevent current and future loss as much as possible. Among these protective products, we offer custom molded and filtered ear protection in a variety of models and colors for specific applications like:

  • Heavy industry
  • Musicians
  • Sports like swimming and diving
  • Telephone headset
  • Cellphone earmolds

Custom Protective Devices

We provide customized hearing protection devices, including ear molds,
In addition to custom ear molds, we also provide specialized and custom-fitted protective and communications equipment designed to protect hearing and achieve acceptable noise levels for each individual. These include:

  • Stethoscope adaptor earmolds
  • Radio earbuds
  • Communications earmolds for first responders, pilots, reporters, etc.

from Westone and other leading manufacturers.
Westone ES series

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