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Hearing Products / Accessories

To help keep your hearing – and your hearing assistive devices – as effective as possible, we offer the following accessories.

Bluetooth Adaptors

blue tooth accessoryThese adaptors enable phone calls and sounds from other Bluetooth-equipped devices to go directly into hearing aids.


Hearing Aid DehumidifierThis convenient, small jar prevents moisture buildup in hearing aids, which can affect a hearing aid’s performance. Simply remove the batteries and store the hearing aids in the jar when they’re not being used.

Hearing Aid Batteries

HEARING AID BATTERIESFor your convenience, we have hearing aid batteries in all sizes for sale in our offices.

Remote Controls

REMOTE CONTROLThis slim, two-inch device enables users to easily and discreetly control the volume settings on hearing aids.

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable Batteries Some hearing aid models now offer the convenience of rechargeable batteries. With the easy-to-use charger, these hearing aids are charged overnight for a full day’s use. There’s no need to keep track of batteries or even open the battery drawer.

If you forget to place the aids in the charger, standard hearing aid batteries can be easily substituted. Then the rechargeable batteries can be reinserted into the aids before charging the aids overnight as usual.

One pair of environmentally-friendly rechargeable batteries can save approximately 150-200 disposable batteries per year.