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About M.O.S.A.

Pediatric Hearing testThe board-certified otolaryngologists at Michigan Otolaryngology Surgery Associates established M.O.S.A. Audiology Services in 1996 to help children and adults who suffer from the health, learning, and social effects of hearing loss.

Why M.O.S.A. Audiology?

Because we’re a medically-based practice, we work closely with family doctors throughout southeast Michigan. We carefully work with you and your doctor to determine your individual situation and to recommend the most effective approaches. These can range from hearing aids and other assistive equipment, to protective equipment and rehabilitation therapies.

It’s important to remember that most hearing loss is gradual and is caused by physical damage to the hearing system. That’s why we don’t believe in cheap, stopgap methods and equipment that may only work for today’s hearing problem, not tomorrow’s.

Hearing ExamSome people may wonder why they should go to an audiology practice as opposed to a non-audiology business or big box store.

The reason is that Audiologists have advanced training, not just for hearing aid fittings but also for diagnostic services. Audiologists hold either a Master’s or a Doctoral degree. Because of this education and training, an Audiologist is better trained to be able to identify possible underlying health concerns or medical conditions based on hearing test results. People with less training may miss these important signs.

What About Insurance?

Many of our patients have some insurance coverage. As a new patient, when you first contact our office, we’ll discuss your insurance plan. We’ll need information about the plan so we can establish a medical record for you.

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Because coverage for hearing varies widely among insurance companies and policies, we recommend you contact your insurance company to find out the extent of your coverage. We are pleased to work with Medicare for coverage of your hearing needs.

From All of Us at M.O.S.A. Audiology…

We can help you stay active and involved through better hearing. We want to improve your hearing, and improve your life.